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    The Ossau valley is one of the three valleys of the Bearnese Pyrenees. Mythical names punctuate our breathtaking Pyrenean landscapes such as our iconic peak « Le Pic du Midi d'Ossau » which culminates at 2884 meter, the Aubisque pass with its 1709 meters regularly crossed by the most famous cycling race in the world « Le Tour de France », as well as the Marie-Blanque pass ; the Pourtalet pass going between France and Spain and « its ventas » Spanish local store and the famous Train of Artouste, « or Artoutes’S train » the highest in Europe at 2000 meters.
   Just for you, a hidden treasure is the Port de Castet « at the entrance of the valley » and its just 6 kms of climbing.
  Cycling is one of the best ways for people of all ages to enjoy outdoors, especially here in the Ossau valley. An Ebike offers the best of both worlds : the opportunity for fresh air and exercice with a bit of extra uphill oomph.
   At Loc Ebike, cycling isn’t just a business, it’s a way of life. Whether you’re looking to hire a bike for a fun day out, we promise to give you straightforward, honest advice and cracking service. But don’t take our words for it - come and see for it.
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       Advantages of the electric bike ?

     From an electric bike ride, you will forget the constraints and keep only the pleasures : Effort, discovery, oxygenation, and landscapes ...
     These bikes are very comfortable and easy to use. The pedaling assistance will allow you to go further and especially longer while practicing a physical activity at your fingertips!
     If you adopt a more sporty driving, the sensations and adrenaline will be at the rendezvous! You will cross more easily the technical passages and will increase greatly your radius of action!

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